Mum Praised As Best Mum In The World!

Wow! It’s hard to explain a miracle of sorts in writing. Our 9 year old was short-sighted and had been wearing glasses for just on 18 months. His eye sight had deteriorated and we were up for new glasses but he had also become very self conscious and now found it difficult wearing glasses full time, particularly whilst playing sport.

We were told of
Ortho K and started doing the research. Shattky's website was probably one of the more informative sites we looked at and subsequently an appointment was made with Tim Eagle. Tim explained Ortho K in a way our son could understand and relate to but made sure it was informative and detailed. He ensured each appointment with Jake was relaxed and all his (and our) questions were answered. We felt totally prepared and comfortable to proceed.

Our “teach session” with Tash was brilliant. She was patient, reassuring and clear. She took him through each step of his morning and night routine so he was content with the process.

The morning he removed his contacts for the first time will be etched in my memory forever. The look of utter excitement when he realised he could now see without any aid, followed by shouts of joy around the house.

We went back for our follow up appointment that day and Jake had 20/20 eyesight already. Absolute success and truly gave word to its name of overnight vision correction. There were no hiccups as Tim had made it very clear on what to expect from our initial meeting and ensured Jake was on board the whole way through. His follow up was just exceptional and we felt completely supported at every step.

On his 5th night into the treatment, he lay in bed and said “You are best the mum in the world for letting me do Ortho K”. We have just had the privilege of giving our child a whole new lease on life. His confidence is back and words cannot express the gratitude we have for this absolutely wonderful procedure and the amazing staff we were able to deal with.

Highly recommended from this family!
Thank you

Corey, Karrie and Jake Stephens (who was 9 years old at the time)

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