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Visique Shattky Optometrists has been serving the people of Hawke's Bay with trusted expert eyecare and eyewear since 1906. We continue a proud history of family ownership with successive father & son teams Ernest & Derek Shattky, Neil & Phil Donaldson plus Mark & Tim Eagle. Using the very latest technologies and systems we specialise in Glaucoma tests, Retinal photography, Diabetic management, Therapeutic drugs, dietary supplements and Behavioural Optometry. We are ACC primary eyecare providers and CAA certificated examiners. Our speciality Orthokeratology and Keratoconus contact lens services are very successful. Using Zeiss, Nikon & Essilor quality lenses, High Fashion frames and sunglasses we excel in providing award winning choice. We provide Irlen and Cellfield specialist services for 3D, binocular problems, Amblyopia and reading problems.

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Ortho Keratology

What is Ortho K? 

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'Ortho K' is a revolutionary safe therapy which is a Non-Surgical,  Non-Invasive and Reversible treatment to correct various vision blurryness for many people, including Short-sightedness (Myopia), Astigmatism, Longsightedness (Hyperopia) and now even Presbyopia (difficulty at near vision with advancing years).


It works by using the latest technology of specially designed RGP contact lenses that gently reshape the cornea correcting your vision while you sleep. Then during the day you are free from having to wear any contact lens or glasses!




 These lenses also slow the rate of increase in Myopia, so it is often used for children as their first correction, many children now don't get glasses for short-sight at all, they go straight to Ortho K!

Those Crazy Americans call Ortho k Corneal Molding, not to worry it is the same thing.

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If you have more questions, here are the Ortho K FAQ's.

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Why would I do Ortho K ?

Here are 10 really exciting reasons why Ortho K is making our lives easier, so we can enjoy an active and full lifestyle:

  • The chance to slow the rate of Myopia progression for your pre-teens and teenage kids
  • Relief from dry eyes when contact lenses are exposed to air conditioning
  • No more dust & discomfort at work with your contact lenses and glasses getting scratched
  • Full days of sharp vision without your contacts getting hazy or falling out
  • Sports and active lifestyles with naked eyes just like everybody else
  • No more broken or lost glasses
  • Swimming with nothing in or on your eyes
  • Vision as good as having Permanent Laser Eye Surgery without the Pain, Costs, or Risks
  • Vision good enough to see the leaves on the trees when you open your eyes in the morning
  • Control over your children's vision correction

Our Ortho K prices

New Fittings

All fees and visits and one pair of lenses in the first year for;  
Level 1 fitting with Standard design for Myopia $ 1,950
Level 2 fitting with Custom design for Myopia $ 2,150
Level 3 fitting with Custom design for Myopia Toric for higher Astigmatism $ 2,250
Level 4 fitting with Custom design for Hyperopia & Presbyopia options

$ 2,300 

Level 5 fitting with Custom design for High Myopia & High astigmatism


(The first pair of lenses that are assumed to last you a year)  
Please note that there are on going costs of lubricating; cleaning; and storage solutions that may vary between individuals depending on each situation.   

Replacement Ortho K Lens costs (per lens)

Standard CRT Myopia $355

Custom Innovative Myopia

Custom Innovative High Myopia or Myopia Control designs



Standard CRT  Myopic Astigmatism $375
Custom Innovative Myopic Astigmatism $490
Custom Innovative Hyperopia $495
Custom  Innovative Presbyopia $496



Prices as at May 2017 



Our Ortho K fitting process

We take the time, We train you correctly, We get the successes!

  • Ortho K Screening appointment to do Corneal Topography, Biomicroscopy, assess suitability of Prescription
  • Comprehensive eye examination appointment (if you have not recently had one)
  • Ortho K Fitting appointment if Screening results are good
  • Training on Contact lenses insertion & removal and supply of first Contact lenses
  • Payment in Full or setup Ortho K Direct Debit to us
  • Review the next day and possibly alter the contact lenses
  • Review in the days that follow as we refine the lens design
  • When clarity of vision for the whole day achieved we go to 6 monthly follow-ups

If you have more questions, here are the Ortho K FAQ's.

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