The trusted name in quality eyecare.

The trusted name in quality eyewear.

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Why do Shattky's Optometrists
stand out, even in Covid-19 ? 

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We are back to normal, with our Unequalled EyeCare and Stunning Eyewear.

If You need more Contact lenses, Call 06 8763777 or Email  and we will arrange direct courier.

Our Mission statement is “to dress and impress our customers with stunning eye wear and unequalled eye care for their Lifestyle”

Kiwis know that good things take time, so come to us, have the tests done without feeling that you have been “rushed through”. You’ll know what we mean when we say “we take the time”.

We do not put our patients under any sales pressure, preferring the gentle Kiwi way of doing business, the way we were brought up to behave. We are good, but if there is a problem, then we follow the principle that “ it’s the putting right that counts”. That’s the Kiwi way.

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Eye Exams

Optometrists are specialists in the examination of eyes, screening for disease and problems, prescribing ocular drugs, prescribing spectacles & prescribing contact lenses.

A comprehensive eye examination has many parts. Its not as simple as one measurement. There are many different tests to do, to explain, interpret & then to act upon.

It takes time to help a person understand their own eyes and vision needs so they can discover the best strategy suited for them. This way we help guide you along the path to get an optimised visual outcome.

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Eye Wear

We have always imported the highest quality spectacle frames and sunglasses, using Zeiss frames, Zeiss lenses and selling Zeiss binoculars from the 1920's.

We were the first practice in Hawkes Bay to offer budget-priced Frame & Lens packages, and even today our deals are better than the overseas corporates who have recently squeezed into the Kiwi way of life. We don't waste your money on expensive marketing campaigns to promote loss-leader deceptive advertising. We don't do the hard up-sell. So don't settle for cheap when you can have Shattky's Value. Our prices for quality have always been good and if you want better quality, then be assured, Shattky's use the finest quality that others cannot obtain.

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Cutting-Edge Technology

Shattky's has been committed to this for many years, we are big enough to make the capital investment in the latest equipment and we get the use out of the equipment to make it financially viable.

It is not sufficient to merely possess this technology, each one involves much training in operation, interpretation and diagnosis. Once we have the technology we commit to using it constantly to keep up the search for previously undetected eye conditions, especially those without symptoms. This means all our patients benefit, not just those who are known to have a problem. Our staff perform many of the tests before you see the optometrist so that we can spend most of our appointment advancing from the strong basis that those results give.

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Contact Lenses

Contact Lenses are a large part of Shattky's practice.

We are frequently fitting patients for their first contact lenses, and looking after patients who have successfully worn lenses for more than 30 years.

There are many different types of Contact Lenses made of Soft & Hard Gas Permeable materials. Some are frequently disposed of and others intended for a longer life. They can be made as Single Vision, Bifocal, Progressive and Blended Vision, and made in clear or coloured plastic. They can be designed to fix your focus while you wear them or fix your focus when you are not wearing them!

We fit Contact Lenses for shortsightedness, longsightedness, keratoconus, graft cornea patients, multifocal vision, myopia control, bandage contact lenses, cosmetic contact lenses and contact lenses to help dry eye.

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For us Fashion is a living, breathing experience.

We specialise in having lots of one-off frames, you are not going to see other people walk down town in the same frame you pick from us. Our team hand pick the latest fashion styles from many different companies whose representatives walk in our door regularly, always with something new to view.

We stock what the locals want, with a good dash of challenge as to what is being worn in Paris as well! Good fashion is about good design, and a well designed fashion frame does not date, they still look stylish even years later.

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Kiwi's know that good things take time, so come to us, have the tests done without feeling that you have been "rushed thru", and you'll know what we mean when we say "we take the time!"

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