Behavioural Optometry

What is behavioural optometry

A Behavioural Optometrist is an Optometrist with extra training in binocular vision, Strabismus, Amblyopia and Visual/Spatial Perception. They are sometimes referred to as Neuro-Developmental Optometrists. Understanding Light, and the human-ness of that thing called Sight is a real challenge but Behavioural Optometrists have been doing this since 1930's and there is a lot of published research about it.

Their special training and therapies will open up new understanding about your Vision. For example strabismus is to be seen as a choice by the brain, and not a function of a muscle being too weak or too strong. Another example is Sports Vision Therapy where we create higher levels of efficiency and accuracy to give the winning edge. Many Olympic athletes have on-going Vision Therapy to maintain their competitive edge. If you just want to play a better round of Golf or get more 3-pointers in a basketball game you can surely understand how critical your visual judgement is to those precision skills.

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