The COVID-19 Shattky Shut down

Need more Information about COVID-19?   Check the Government Website

The COVID-19 Shattky Lockdown.

We will be Temporarily CLOSED from 5:15pm Wednesday 25th March 2020.

The COVID-19 Lockdown means we are required to be closed as of 5:15 pm Wednesday 25th March 2020 until further notice because we are considered non-essential.

If you have Urgent Red Sore Eye Problems or New Flashing Lights or New floaters or New Cobwebs in your vision starting in the last few days then Please Call Us , or Email us so we can help triage your problem over the phone. Some patients may be referred on to the Hospital. We are all trying to avoid over-loading our Hawkes Bay Doctors and the hospital system with patients who do not need to take up their time or resources.

For Our Spectacle Wearers:
Unfortunately any time after this your New Spectacles are not able to be collected. :-(
We are sorry you will have to wait until we reopen. We will still make it a special treat when you get to open your new Glasses after the shutdown! 

Sorry to say to anyone else needing any adjustments or repairs to your glasses, You are gonna have will have to wait until we reopen, Hang in there! See how Creative you can get with Cellotape! If you are really desperate take a photo with your phone and email us

For our Contact Lens wearing Patients:
Patients using Coopervision Contact lenses, Or Alcon Contact lenses are still able to be shipped directly to your home address and we can coordinate via Email to manage this for you during the Shutdown.
Others Brands of Contact lenses and Patients with more complicated contact lenses will Not be able to be sent out as our labs are also shutting down, but we may be able to find a temporary replacement, Email us to start a discussion on how we can help you.

For Our Ortho K Patients:
If you are in Strife, First rule is 'Don't Panic'.
Tim will be available via Email 1st, then Text 2nd, then Cell Phone Call 3rd, Check his business card on your Ortho K Pack.
He maybe able to arrange extra solutions and replacement Ortho K lenses sent directly to you if the Lab is able to stay open, which we are waiting to hear confirmation on in the coming hours.

Everyone can get better at washing their hands check the WHO video on how to do it Best.

Checkout this wee video below to keep you and your Family's eyes Hygienic in the lockdown.


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