Shattkys are committed to DAILIES TOTAL 1 contact lenses

DAILIES TOTAL 1 Water Gradient Contact Lenses by Alcon

Alcon is one of the largest contact lens and lens care manufacturers globally, producing more than 2.5 billion contact lenses in 2013 alone.

They are world leaders in contact lens technology and are the first to bring Gradient water content to the world.  
To do this they have perfected the combination of advanced surface chemistry and Alcon’s proprietary LightStream® Lens Technology, calling the new lenses DAILIES TOTAL 1.

What this means is that each contact lens has a firmish central core of 33% water content in their silicone hydrogel (delficonA) to keep good shape, which then increase in water content the nearer it gets to the front and back surfaces of the lenses, reaching over 80% water content on the surface. That means the surface of the contact lense has nearly the same water content as the surface of the cornea itself.
The result is a contact lense with a very slippery, wet surface.
This delivers exceptional comfort that lasts through the end of the day.

Alcon launched these lenses into selected European markets and have struggled to make enough to keep up with demand!


  • The lenses feel silky smooth
  • Exceptional comfort, with 9 out of 10 patients feeling nothing
  • The very outer surface of the lens to approach 100% water.
  • Exceptional breathability for white, healthy-looking eyes.

These lenses are recommended for;

  • People who want exceptional comfort until the end of the day.
  • People looking for a highly breathable daily disposable contact lens that results in white, healthy-looking eyes.

We are commited to bring the best quality lenses to our patients at the best prices - as such we find Alcon delivers what we need.

They are available in 30 packs and 90 packs and we have the 90's in stock waiting for you.

So come on in, experience the lens that feels like nothing!

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