Keratoconus Testimonials

Keratoconus Testimonials

A testimonial from the mother of Morgan Price-Kerr

Nearly two years ago my daughter Morgan (then 12) was diagnosed with Keratoconus. I had noticed her squinting at the TV, so we went for an eye test. To be told she would have to wear contacts for the rest of her life was a nightmare for Morgan. She was so frightened of anything near her eyes she wouldn't let Tim put lenses in. Tim wisely called a halt for 6 months.

We came home and life went on. I made several attempts to talk about it all but Morgan wouldn't hear of it so in the end we never spoke of it. She was going to start college the next year and I was really worried about how she'd cope.

Then at the end of July she came to me one morning and said she was ready to try. I was stunned,but happy and proud of her courage. I rang Shattkys in Waipukurau and we went the next Monday.

Things went slowly.Morgan still wouldn't let Tim put lenses in her eyes, so he spent the first session getting her to put one in herself. He was so patient and positive with her. The next day she started learning to put lenses in and take them out with Lorraine. She was fantastic as well. Morgan's confidence grew. We went for a few lessons and then after two weeks Morgan was wearing soft contacts at school. She was still nervous putting them in, taking them out, so in the end we went to Visique before and after school and she did it there. I think she just felt safe there and Lorraine and Ally were so lovely to her.

Two weeks after that Morgan's hard contacts came. We went in Monday morning and Tim put them in on top of the soft ones. He got her to walk around and look out the window and walk back. Her face was a picture! She was gob-smacked. That was the moment we had all been working to, waiting for, because once she could see then the rest of it would flow. Now there was real incentive to put the contacts in.

I drove her to school slowly, so she could look at everything on the way. She couldn't believe how much she had missed out on. For the next few weeks Morgan was on a tour of visual discovery. She was so happy and it was hard contacts only. I watched my daughter grow in confidence as she completely conquered her fear. Before I knew it looking after her eyes and contacts was like breathing. Morgan's lenses have given her courage, independence and confidence. I was completely blown away by the Shattky team. They provided whatever Morgan needed to get her to see,without once losing patience or rushing her. They will always have my gratitude.

Rose Price

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