Keratoconus and Vision Correction with Contact Lenses

Keratoconus is a disorder of the cornea (front window of the eye) that is often progressive causing a what was normal regular cornea to become distorted and irregular and often cone shaped.

The problem when the cornea is Irregular, is that normal spectacles or normal contact lenses dont correct the vision how you want them to.

At Shattky's we use many different types of Contact lenses to achieve great vision for our patients who suffer the poor vision of Keratoconus. With the latest technology in fitting lenses with Corneal Topograpthy and OCT assisted lens and eye measurement we can help so many people see again.

We have advanced Custom made soft contact lenses which combine rigid and soft materials together, (Kerasoft and Synergyis)

We have small rigid gas permeable contact lenses (The Classic Rose K2) to work with the irregular shape of the cornea to restore the quality to the vision.

We have large rigid gas permeable contact lenses.(The SSmax Semi Scleral lens)

We also have Scleral rigid gas permeable contact lenses that sit and vault over the irregular cornea and create a new regular surface of the eye for you to see with.(Innovative 5zone and Smap Scleral Lens)

Each person is different and each eye needs suitable care and attention to maximize the vision and comfort for our patient.

There is Ministry of Health subsidy available for Keratoconus Patients to assist in the costs of fitting and replacing the contact lenses which is a massive help. But the reality is that there is still costs for the patient to pay in regard to solutions to store clean and protect the lenses and costs for the Optometrists skill, expertise, and time.

Check out Keratconus NZ Home Page for more information

If you or a family member has Keratoconus, make the move to improve your visual situation and start seeing more of our wonderful world now! 

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