Do your Glasses ever Fog up when you wear a Mask?

During these Mask wearing times we have found a number of patients frustrated with their spectacles or the face shield or safety glasses fogging up because they have to also wear a mouth mask. When you have the pleasure of wearing facial mask if often directs some of your breath up into your spectacles and fogs them. The Trouble is that then you have to touch your glasses and mask again and again and again. If you are not getting frustrated then its not a problem, most folks need some help.

One of our patients was so "De-Fogged" with our fix she had to send in a review with the Fogging Stopping abilities of this gel, she paused in Level 3 to write as a thank you note! 

"thank you so much for sending the fog gel out to me. Its absolutely amazing and I really appreciate it. Loving my new glasses too!

I called and squared up my account over phone and that worked perfectly for me. Thanks again, KC"

The typical Coffee Fogging Moment on the Left, Gel applied on the Right

At Shattkys we have been using KENS SAFE' STOP-FOG GEL with great success for many years now.

It comes in a wee 10g Tube with high performance anti-fog gel with a soft applicator brush to spread the GEL on the lens surface.

KENS SAFE STOP-FOG GEL is designed specifically to protect and prolong the life of safety glasses while covering all the requirements for different work environments to help meet OSHA safety equipment care guidelines.

The specially developed STOP-FOG GEL formulation features advanced anti-fog and anti-static protection, both helping repel moisture while reducing the build-up of dust and lint. One application can last up to 8 hours on the lens surface.

The GEL is supplied with an ultra-soft, non-abrasive, micro-fiber cloth to help protect the safety lenses from scratching in addition to helping prolong the life of existing coatings on the safety and prescription lenses.

Apply a small amount of GEL to the clean lens surface, then rub the lens dry in a circular motion with the micro-cloth provided.

The GEL cleans a multitude of safety glass lenses:

* Safety Glasses

* Prescription Glasses (Especially when in hot cooking or kitchen environments)

* Reading Glasses

* Sunglasses and Sports Glasses, Great for Squash and Cycling.

* Goggles (Skiing Motor Cross)

* Protective Visors

* Motor cycle Visors

* Face shields

• NOT for use on contact lenses.

Give us a Call and we can even have it couriered directly to your home or work place. One little tube can last for quite awhile. So at $11.50 its a bargain!

The Magic Fog Stopping Gel! 

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