Demodex Infestation Extermination Now Available at Shattky Optometrists

This is a Demodex Mite that can live in your eyelash follicle and cause the inflammation of the Eyelid causing the irritation to your eye! 

Has your Optometrist told you that you have an infestation of mites in your eye lash follicles! Maybe you can feel your lids twitching. It might sound a bit uncomfortable!

Dont Panic! We have a therapeutic treatment available for our patients to Rid your eyes of mites and Return Relief to your eyelids and lashes.

Our Optometrist Ryan O'Connor can Exterminate your Infestation of over populated Demodex mites! 

As Optometrists it is part of our role to identify concerns related to the eye and its surrounding tissue. When we identify the microscopic Demodex mite on the eyelid margin they need to be managed appropriately. Demodex is ubiquitous in our population (everybody has this), it most often lives in harmony with our skin, immune system and normal skin bacteria. However, due to an imbalance in; immunity, skin bacteria, stress and environmental factors, these mites can take advantage of your eyelid environment and on occasion become over-colonised among the lashes follicles and oil glands of our eyelids. This becomes a Problem that increases Inflammation in the area that brings about the symptoms of stingy eyes, gritty, or irritated in the evenings, sometimes mild sticky eyes in the morning. Under the slit-lamp microscope examination that our Optometrists routinely do, we can see the signs of redness at the lid margin and inflammation around the lashes, and detect the mites and the evidence of where they have been by their excrement left behind.

The research suggests the best treatment for Demodex is two therapeutic clinical treatment appointments with a high potency tea tree oil one month apart, with maintenance at home twice daily with a customised easy to use cleanser. The cleanser lasts longer than the month and it is recommended to continue using the cleanser in the shower until it is finished to help to re-establish balance of the system and support healthy lid margins, micro-biome lid function.

As part of your management plan to ensure the Demodex infestation is under control we action a customised maintenance regimen to make sure you 'Get them at bay and Keep them that way'.

Give the team a Phonecall to Book in with Ryan our Optometrist also known as the Demodex Infestation Exterminator, to get your eye lid healthy again.

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