Challenging problems can be solved here at Shattky's!

Challenging problems can be solved here at Shattky's!

Tim managed some very fast magic yesterday, through the cooperation of our wonderful suppliers, and we received some kind praise for the outcome.

He was able to order and have delivered the replacement of a broken OrthoK contact lens and solutions, within two days.

(Because contact lenses are medical devices, and under this situation their resupply is treated as an Essential Service.)

Here is the appreciative post from the patient's mum;

"Hi Tim,
I am amazed at the fast service from the lens company and the courier service.
Please pass on to them how grateful we are in this time of crisis that they were able to make the new contact lens for our daughter.
The courier delivered the package to our door safely early this morning as it was clearly (and correctly) identify as an essential delivery.
That is exceptional and I would appreciate it if you could somehow pass on our thanks to these companies for looking after us during this time.
I do also want to say a personal thanks to you for making this happen so seamlessly and promptly for us. She is stoked!
Many thanks,
G. M.

Thanks for the feedback, we love a challenge!

Please give us more challenges!,

Tim, Phil and Mark

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