Low vision assistance

Assistance for the patient with Low Vision

What is Low Vision?

This term is used to describe vision that is markedly reduced from normal, typically reduced to the point where the patient can no longer drive, and reading is limited to just the newspaper headlines. It can be intensely frustrating, especially as it impacts on Quality of Life. Perhaps you can begin to imagine how the avid reader or long-time driver feels about the loss of their freedom to do those things.

The most common cause is Age Related Macular Degeneration (ARMD) but here are many other causes as well.

After all medical assessments and treatments have been explored to stabilize the condition we begin the Low Vision Assessment.

Patients get used to the repeated experience of getting stronger glasses as they get older, so many are amazed that we just can't make a "stronger pair".

The answer however typically lies in MAGNIFICATION and LIGHTING.

It is not easy to work around the loss of vision that you enjoyed in your youth but if we maximize your remaining vision it will improve your Quality of Life and your independence. You may gain 3 lines or more on a chart and regain the ability to reading, write, watching television, playing card etc.

How Shattky's can help you:

  • We take the time to listen
  • We take the time to measure you in careful detail for Acuity, Contrast Sensitivity and Visual Fields.
  • We will derive the best optical Prescription to correction any blur.
  • We will use the best form of spectacle lens to correct optical aberrations.
  • We have access to the best Quality Optical Magnification with the least amount of distortion.
  • We have the latest Electronic Magnification systems in-house.
  • We provide wise guidance on Lighting & lifestyle adaptations to work around the problem.
  • We can arrange registration with the Royal NZ Foundation for the Blind to open more choices for you.
  • We write a detailed report to your GP & your family so that everyone is well informed about the issues.

We use Eschenbach magnifiers!

For almost 100 years this German company has specialised in magnifiers of the best quality, innovation and reliability.

Eschenbach offers more magnifying devices than all of its competitors combined.

Eschenbach has introduced such important innovations as the first illuminated magnifier, the first injection-molded aspheric lens, the first application of diffractive optics to low vision, and the first all-plastic telescopic system for the visually impaired.

Eschenbach uses very hard scratch-resistant coatings on its plastic lenses and has its own lens material which makes for light-weight magnifiers- a very important aspect for handheld devices

This is a digital magnifier with dual L.E.D. illumination and a video camera.

With the touch of a switch, magnification changes from 3x to 6x.

The image can be viewed on the screen in true colour, in black-on-white or white-on-black - with the benefit of enhanced contrast. There is a freeze frame capability, and the possibility of using just bright ambient lighting.

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