Innovations in treatment of Chronic Dry Eyes

What is Dry Eye?

Dry Eye is a symptom of our modern era with so many people spending more time in front of screens of one sort or another.

It affects about 20% of the population, more often affecting women than men, and increasingly common with age.

Symptoms are that eyes are sore, often red, and feel tired. The eyes often water which can make people think they don’t have dry eyes but in fact it’s the eyes attempt to keep lubricated. Watery eyes cause visual blur which is annoying as well as uncomfortable.

The problem is usually in the tear film quality. There are 3 layers to the tear film and if these are poor quality then they don’t stay on the eye causing dry patches which expose the corneal nerves and this makes the eyes sore and itchy.

Help is here, with E Eye IPL

The exciting news is that there is now a treatment that can give relief to this very annoying uncomfortable condition.

It’s called E Eye IPL. It uses intense pulses of infra-red light to stimulate the meibomium gland which in turn creates better tear film layers.

Three treatments are needed spaced across six weeks and sometimes a fourth treatment makes a bigger difference.

“It doesn’t hurt! “ reported Jill Hui. “I wore the special eye shields and I saw a flash of red light and felt slight warmth on the skin just below my eye – each treatment is very quick too.

I started to notice an improvement two weeks after the first treatment and now after the four treatments I am very happy with the result. I don’t have sore red eyes anymore. It has changed my life”

Bonus for Contact lens wearers

“Dry eyes can be a barrier to successful contact lens wearer and is often the reason people give up on their contact lenses. In the few months since we have had this technology we have been impressed with its efficacy and delighted to be able to find solutions for our patients that enable them to continue with their contact lenses in comfort” comments Tim Eagle optometrist at Visique Shattky Optometrists.

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