Safety Spectacles

Safety Spectacles that meet the Standard

Ensuring your Eye Safety is now a big part of our Eyecare

There are about 10,000 work-related eye injuries a year in NZ.

90% of eye injuries can be prevented by wearing proper eye protection.

In Industrial situations this means specific certified spectacles, even though we are always thinking of your safety in other places as well.

Glass is now seldom used for spectacle lenses, and it is no longer used for safety spectacles at all.

In the 21st Century we use the very safe Polycarbonate or Phoenix materials.
They have a high optical clarity, high UV absorption, a very high impact resistance and are both thin & light to wear.
They have very high quality scratch-resistant coatings on the front and the back of the lenses, but care is still need when cleaning them.

We supply Certified Prescription Safety Spectacles to meet the AS/ NZs1337.6 Standard for low and medium impact.

The new Australian / New Zealand Standard AS/NZs1337.6 'Prescription eye protectors against low and medium impact' was published on 17th April 2007.

Our safety spectacles comply with the requirements of this standard, with 3rd party certification by SAI Global.


This standard specifically forbids the use of glass lenses

Polycarbonate and Phoenix lenses exceed the standards.
They are light, thin and have the best scratch resistant coatings applied to them. Anti-Reflection Coatings can also be supplied.

Safety lenses can be made in many designs; (Single Vision, Bifocal, Progressive and Occupational designs)

Safety lenses can be made in many tints; (Fixed Tints, Transitions or Polarised)


Safety frames are manufactured to standards exceeding those of regular ophthalmic frames. They are certainly not what could be called high fashion but that is not the intent - these are serious tools to protect you!  They are not only safe but we do our best to ensure that we meet your need for style and comfort. Each frame model in our safety range meets the Australian / New Zealand and International requirements of AS/NZs1337.6, AS/NZs1337, AS2228.1, ANSI Z87.1-2003 (medium impact) & EN166-F (low energy medium impact).


The safety spectacles are glazed at a dedicated Safety laboratory in Australia and take about 10 days to get back to us. We will then call you in for fitting and adjustment.


As part of the certification process spectacles are tested on a ballistic cannon to see if the lens will shatter in use. Its the ultimate in pass or fail testing!
We can then provide you with the 'Certificate of Compliance' stating the level of protection and standards complied with by that item to ensure that your company records prove that you are compliant with workplace safety requirements.


This does vary according to the lens and frame decisions that you make, but our basic price for Certified Prescription Safety Spectacles (including Frame & Case) start at $328.
Safety spectacles are always dearer because of all that goes into ensuring that they are compliant with the codes, but be assured that Shattky's is competitive on price, but we always win on QUALITY.

So come on in, we'll protect you!

A special note regarding damage to your Safety Spectacles

Do be aware that prescription eye protectors are defined in the regulations as "a single use impact protection piece of personal protective equipment". What this means is that if they are damaged in any way - they need to be replaced. If we did a repair to them, they are no longer the original certified device and so are no longer certified.
Regardless of the time frame - a full replacement is required.

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