The Best of Contact Lens Services

The Best of Contact Lens Services

Contact Lenses are a large part of Shattky's practice.

We are frequently fitting patients for their first contact lenses, and looking after patients who have successfully worn lenses for more than 30 years.

There are many different types of Contact Lenses, Soft & Hard Gas Permeable, some are frequently disposed of and others intended for a longer life. They can be made as Single Vision, Bifocal, Progressive and Blended Vision, and made in clear or coloured plastic. They can be designed to fix your focus while you wear them or fix your focus when you are not wearing them ! Some are prescribed for cosmetic/fashion reasons to avoid the need for spectacles or they can be prescribed for therapeutic reasons - when spectacles cannot give good vision.

Shattky's have a different approach to sale of Contact lenses - we are committed to keeping you happy and successful as well as providing your contact lenses quickly at everyday low prices - often from our in-house inventory of lenses.

Very good prices on Contact Lenses

Shattky's are commited to low prices on Contact Lenses.

We charge for our professional services as we see you, so keep the cost of your ongoing contact purchases as low as our bulk buying can achieve.

Our Prices are significantly lower than most optometrists, email us to ask for the specific price for your prescription.

Our Contact Lens Deals and Offers

We do have a variety of in-house stocks of lenses - just pop in and grab them as you pass by!

Visique's own VisionPlus+ contact lenses give the best value

Contact Lens Loyalty Club on Solutions purchases

Contact Lens replenish service; we'll text to remind you that you need more lenses

Government subsidy on costs for patients with Keratoconus and High prescriptions

Come in and see us

Kiwi's know that good things take time, so come to us, have the tests done without feeling that you have been "rushed thru", and you'll know what we mean when we say "we take the time!"

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