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Ortho K Testimonials

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I first noticed my eyes deteriorating when I was 15 years old and I then got glasses. I always felt however that they were a barrier and made me feel self-conscious. By the time I was 20 I was wearing daily contact lenses. They were great, however, I could'nt swim in them and if I got dust in my eyes it was extremely uncomfortable.

When I was 27, I had laser eye surgery which was fantastic. I gave me 20/20 vision for 13 years, but then my eye sight started to raidly deteriorate again. Now I use Ortho K contact lenses that you wear only at night. This is very convenient as Im free in the day to swim, exercise, play spor etc. Ortho K does not damage your eye like the laser did. I would happily recommend Ortho K at Visique Shattky as a solution to bad eye sight. I feel unrestricted and confident again!

A big thank you to the team at Visique Shatky especially Tim Eagle, Natasha & Renee, Your service and concern for your clients is second to none.

Cathy Temple


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Wow! It's hard to explain a miracle of sorts in writing. Our 9 year old was short-sighted and had been wearing glasses for just on 18 months. His eye sight had deteriorated and we were up for new glasses but he had also become very self conscious and now found it difficult wearing glasses full time, particularly whilst playing sport. 

We were told of Ortho K and started doing the research. Shattky on Russell's website was probably one of the more informative sites we looked at and subsequently an appointment was made with Tim Eagle. 

Tim explained Ortho K in a way our son could understand and relate to but made sure it was informative and detailed. He ensured each appointment with Jake was relaxed and all his (and our) questions were answered. We felt totally prepared and comfortable to proceed.

Our "teach session" with Tash was brilliant. She was patient, reassuringly and clear. She took him through each step of his morning and night routine so he was content with the process. 

The morning he removed his contacts for the first time will be etched in my memory forever. The look of utter excitement when he realised he could now see without any aid, followed by shouts of joy around the house. We went back for our follow up appointment that day and Jake had 20/20 eyesight already. Absolute success and truly gave word to its name of overnight vision correction. 

There were no hiccups as Tim had made it very clear on what to expect from our initial meeting and ensured Jake was on board the whole way through. His follow up was just exceptional and we felt completely supported at every step.

On his 5th night into the treatment, he lay in bed and said
                 "You are best the mum in the world for letting me do Ortho K".

We have just had the privilege of giving our child a whole new lease on life. His confidence is back and words cannot express the gratitude we have for this absolutely wonderful procedure and the amazing staff we were able to deal with. 

 Highly recommended from this family!

 Thank you

Corey, Karrie and Jake Stephens (9 years)

My name is Phoebe Leake, in 2014, when I was 13 years old, I started wearing Ortho-K contacts.

Prior to wearing Ortho-K contacts, at school assemblies, when I am seated at the back of the auditorium, the faces of people sitting on stage were a general blur, now I can clearly see the facial features of the speakers.

I am a bowler for my school cricket team and I've realised since wearing Ortho-K contacts, that I couldn't see the wickets properly.  Since wearing Ortho-K contacts my coach and team mates have commented that my accuracy as a bowler has improved.  Before Ortho-K, I could see the outline of the wickets, they looked like one big stump.  I bowled, aiming for the overall area, instead of individual stumps.  Now I can see each stump clearly.

I do Cross-fit at the gym a few times a week.  My WOD (Work out for the day) is written up on the white board.  I can now see from the back of the gym, instead of having to go up, to read the instructions.

Ortho-K contacts allows me to play a wide variety of sport, including swimming without having to worry about wearing glasses or contacts.

Each night I got faster at putting the contacts in, after only a few weeks, I didn't even have to think any more about what I am doing, when I put them in.

I know that a few of my friends are meant to wear glasses, but they don't like to wear them, I think Ortho-K contacts are a better option for me, than wearing glasses.

I'm glad that my parents and I were willing to embrace new technology and try Ortho-K contacts.

I'm really happy with them and with how everything has worked out so well for me.

Phoebe Leake, Havelock North


Hi, I'm Jeremy, I'm 16 and I've been using Ortho K for about 9 months.

To tell you the truth, upon first reading about Ortho K (in the Shattky's waiting room) I shook my head and said something along the lines of “that'd be great…but it probably doesn't work”. Oh how wrong I was.

It was late last year when I noticed my eye-sight had deteriorated. I sat in the back of my math class and realised one day that I actually wasn't able to clearly read the board. This year I repeated the mistake of sitting in the back of a couple of my classes, my eyes had gotten to the point where I couldn't see anything but a blur on the whiteboard.

The concept of wearing glasses is one I've dreaded for a while for one reason or another. This factored into the month or two it took for me to muster some courage, sit down, and tell my parents about my eyes. We talked about the different opportunities that we thought would be possible and I made sure I was clear that I'd rather continue to copy notes off a friend and not be able to see the board than have to wear glasses. We booked an appointment at Shattky's, I was tested like anyone else and it turns out I had astigmatisms and short-sightedness. The options of glasses and contacts were presented to me and I wasn't sure about either. We asked about laser surgery – I was too young, my eyes were (and are) still developing. Then the option of Ortho K was presented and explained. I decided that was the option I'd like to try.

The next appointments were difficult…one of them I believe I stayed for about 3 hours just learning how to put the lenses in. That's the most difficult part of Ortho K, being new to putting lenses in. It's a struggle for the first few weeks and it definitely helps to have someone to hold your eye open or put the lenses in. But rest assured it's not a massive learning curve…it just takes a bit of practise.

After the very first night we were driving to the optometrists before school started and I was looking around at everything and commenting on how much clearer and brighter everything was (even with the lenses). It's a strange sensation seeing the world basically to its fullest like I did for the first time in a while. The change in long-distance reading was noticed straight away too. The day before I struggled reading the very top letter on the vision chart with one eye open, and the third line was the limit when using both eyes. The day after, my lenses were removed with one eye I could make out the second to bottom line and with both eyes the bottom line was an easy read. I went to my classes that day with a new confidence and the ability to see clearly at long distance.

Now in late 2012, I find I'm able to skip a night or two a week without deterioration in my sight. I can still see clearly every day and know that my eyes are actually getting better just by using the lenses. They're easy to put in (even late at night) and even easier to take out. They're unnoticeable when sleeping and make the world of difference in my sight.

Tim has been a massive help throughout appointments answering all questions I had and explaining things thoroughly and clearly. He made sure I knew exactly what was going on which was pretty awesome.

Ortho K starts off a little tricky, but if you stick with it, the rewards and benefits are amazing and come at the small price of having to spend 10 minutes caring for and inserting/removing the lenses each day.

Jeremy Hall (age 16)


Hi , my name is Neesha and Ortho K has really worked for me. The lenses were a bit uncomfortable to start with and made my eyes 'water' because I had never put anything into or onto my eyes before. I was aware of the lenses at night too but they did not stop me from getting a good sleep and you get used to them really quickly. It was freaky how clear everything was even after only a few nights using the lenses. The best thing is that I play netball volleyball and cricket and don't have to worry about glasses or daytime contact lenses. Now , I don't even need the lenses in every night.
After 4 days in a row it got a bit blurry but overnight (with the lenses in) my vision was back to clear and sharp and I've only been using them for 9 months.

Neesha Johnson (age 15)

From a parents perspective we can recommend Ortho K. We both like the unique concept and the philosophy behind it. It has been a really effective management system and we still hope to see it really slow the rate of myopia in Neesha in the future. We are still amazed at how rapid the improvement in her eyesight has been. Her routine morning and night is fast and simple. The ongoing service has also been great. As parents we were part of the lens education and cleaning tips given to new Ortho K users and the follow up phone calls meant good progress checks were in place. Initially ,because Neesha had slightly dry eyes and sometimes irritated skin around them we wondered whether Ortho K would work but it has gone well beyond our expectations.

Ian & Nicky Johnson (parents of Neesha)

The relentless deterioration of my eyesight each year caused me to request Ortho-K contact lenses as a worthwhile investment. Although I liked monthly contact lenses, I could only really enjoy them for a year until my eyesight got blurry again, resulting in the frustration of arranging another appointment to get stronger lenses.

There have been many benefits that I have noticed since wearing Ortho-K contact lenses:

  • Firstly, I detest wearing glasses and now I no longer have to wear them again. Ever!!
  • Secondly, I get to have perfect vision 24 hours of the day, seven days a week, due to the fact I can see clearly with the lenses in, as well as with them out! which helps if I need to get up during the night.
  • Thirdly, with the lenses out I can comfortably take naps and swim during the day, without the need to take ordinary contact lenses out and have to clean them and put them back in again.
  • Ortho-K makes it seem as if I do not have the slightest case of myopia.
  • Finally, the transition from regular contact lenses to the Ortho-K contact lenses has been very easy, as the Ortho-K lenses are treated very similarly to regular contact lenses, in regard to cleaning and handling.

The team at Shattkys is experienced, helpful and they treat me very well. The staff has a strong understanding of ortho-K and it is clear to me that their clients are a top priority to them.

Catherine Poon


 Ortho-K has been amazing for me. The change from normal monthly contact lenses and glasses to ortho-K was really easy and using them is something I find easy as well. The best part for me has to be that I can now go swimming without worrying about my contacts falling out in the water. Being free from contacts and glasses has been a dream for me since I first had glasses and I have to thank everyone at Visique Shattky for being there to answer all the questions I have had, and to help me get used to using Ortho-K so I dont have to wear contacts during the day or glasses at all anymore!

Elouise Edmonds

 When starting out with the Ortho K therapy, I had some problems and a bit of trouble inserting the lenses. But because I knew about the benefits of Ortho K and never having to wear glasses, I kept trying and trying till I finally got it! I had heaps help fom the team at Shattkys, especially Natasha and Tim. It can seem a bit hard at first but it is well worth it and I am finding very easy now and my vision is great!

James Fox (Aged 12)

I used to wear glasses everyday to correct my sight, but I thought I would try out Ortho-K contacts lenses to correct my sight instead. I think that the contacts work very well to allow me to see clearly without glasses. At first I found it difficult to put in the contacts but with a bit of practice I can now put them in quickly and they aren't much of a hassle. The contacts felt uncomfortable to me in the beginning as I had never used any type of contact lenses on my eyes before, but my eyes have adjusted well to having contact lenses now and I barely even know they are in.

I think choosing Ortho-K was the right choice for me as a no longer have to wear glasses and my eyesight is pretty good during the day. I like not having to wear glasses all day, everyday and I've bought some cool sunnies for summer (which I can now wear thanks to Ortho-K and Visique Optometrists). I'm also looking forward to swimming when I can actually see properly! I'm very glad that I tried Ortho-K- it's made a big difference to my life.

Georgia Wass (age 14)

Not only was I astounded at how quickly my sight improved, literally overnight, allowing me to go without wearing contacts or glasses during the day, but I'm amazed at how much better my vision is. I've been doing a lot of long distance driving lately and the landscapes around me are so much clearer and sharper. I couldn't recommend Ortho K highly enough.

Gemma Bevan

 It is the little things that most people take for granted that makes me truly appreciate the effect of Ortho K. Waking up in the morning and being able to see my surroundings without putting on my glasses is something I have not seen for a very long time and for me this was incredible. Another is to be able to run in the rain and not have to be concerned about my glasses getting wet or fogging up. I used to wear contact lenses for long durations every day and my eyes always became very dry and irritated. These are no longer issues for me. The freedom that you gain from using these lenses is a huge advantage that I believe outweighs the cost and I would definitely recommend Ortho K. It is the little things that make this all the worthwhile.

Kim Myles

Hi my name is Sam Heath. I'm 19 and work in construction, I love to surf, and skimboard which made it hard to wear glasses or contacts so ORTHO K gave me the opportunity to work, surf an live life without glasses. I recommend to anyone who plays sport or does any type of physical work to get ORTHO K. At first I was a bit hesitant with getting it done as it sounded a bit far fetched, but my optometrist explained and simplified everything for me, it was easy and stress less and I am very happy with the results.

Thanks Tim
Sam Heath


Hi my name is Delwyn (I am Sam's mum). Over the last few years I noticed that Sam's eyes were definitely getting worse and it was a hassle for him to remember to wear his glasses while driving, which was a real concern for me. We found out about Ortho K and Sam went and had his contacts fitted and the very next day he didn't have to wear his glasses while driving. Sam's vision now is better using ORTHO K than when he was wearing his glasses. I am so pleased with the positive outcome of my son's vision, I would not hesitate to recommend Ortho K to others.

Yours sincerely
Delwyn Heath

As an active sporting person juggling glasses and contact lenses has its problems. Given an opportunity to not having to worry about any eyewear during the day and not involving surgery became a very attractive option. The first month using Ortho K contact lenses at night has been an interesting journey. Initial frustration while my eyes became accustomed to a gradual improvement in day time vision. One month on and my vision, while not perfect, is pretty good. I do not miss wearing glasses at all. It would be difficult to justify or put a value on the benefits achieved. This has been a lifestyle choice for me and one that I would recommend to those wanting the freedom from corrective eyewear during the day.

Darren Myles

Given the opportunity to be involved in learning about and wearing Ortho K lenses was one that I jumped at the chance to take. Being a previous spectacle and contact lens wearer had its many disadvantages. Now with the Ortho K lenses I have the freedom to get on with and enjoy life without the hassle of wearing spectacles or the problem of having dry irritated eyes from daily contact lenses. Ortho K lenses really are life changing, and whilst there is an initial period of frustration while you adapt to the lenses, the benefits of better vision during the day were instant! A lot of the time my vision is clearer and sharper than it was with my daily contact lenses. While the initial costs may seem a lot, the benefits you get by wearing Ortho K lenses are so incredible that costs are far outweighed. Ortho K gives you incredibly clear vision that is painless, stress free and convenient; I would highly recommend Ortho K lenses to everybody!

Natasha Davies

I was going to go down the track of having laser eye surgery. However, opted for Ortho K instead as it is reversible, able to be done whilst pregnant, a fraction of the price and offered here in Hawke's Bay. It has taken a couple of months to get the right fit with my Ortho K contact lenses and ensure my eyes have the correct drops to assist with moisture whilst I sleep, however, with Tim's expertise and patience it has been worth it. I now wake up with almost perfect vision and don't have to put up with the irritation from contact lenses during the day.

Although the concept of wearing lenses to bed took a while to get used to, and the hard lenses are a completely different feeling, the Ortho K lenses do all the work whilst you get your beauty sleep! I have a little bit of lenticular astigmatism which isn't corrected by Ortho K (and wouldn't have been corrected by laser eye surgery either), but in the scheme of things it is not enough to have an effect on the vision I need during the day at work. So I highly recommend Ortho K to anyone who wants freedom from having to wear glasses or contact lenses in the day time.

Thanks to Tim and the team for providing this fantastic treatment in Hawke's Bay!

Ali Donovan

I have Ortho K and they are really cool. It was hard to get used to the feeling when you had them in but after a while it's fine. It has really improved my eyesight because I couldn't see the classroom board before I started and now it is really clear. I'm really into sport and that was one of the reasons I didn't get glasses. For me it would be such a hassle worrying about them falling off while playing sport or just having fun on the playground.

(NB. Arcadia commenced Ortho K when she was 10 years old).

Arcadia Dalzell  (11 yrs)

I investigated laser surgery about a year ago, but was put off for a number of reasons. I persevered with my daily soft lenses, but by the end of each day my eyes were dry & very irritated, being a hay fever sufferer didn't help! When I learned that Phil & his team were offering Ortho K, I jumped at the chance to learn more and quickly decided to proceed. A month down the track I am no longer wearing daytime lenses.

My vision is almost perfect & my eyes feel great all day! It has not been without its moments, the hard lenses are a bit uncomfortable to start with, but now they're so comfortable I think they have fallen out! I highly recommend Ortho K to anyone wanting to be free of lenses or glasses during the day. I am happy to discuss Ortho K with you, please contact Shattkys for my number.

Nicki Curran