Shattky Optometrists

Visique Shattky Optometrists has been serving the people of Hawke's Bay with trusted expert eyecare and eyewear since 1906. We continue a proud history of family ownership with successive father & son teams Ernest & Derek Shattky, Neil & Phil Donaldson plus Mark & Tim Eagle. Using the very latest technologies and systems we specialise in Glaucoma tests, Retinal photography, Diabetic management, Therapeutic drugs, dietary supplements and Behavioural Optometry. We are ACC primary eyecare providers and CAA certificated examiners. Our speciality Orthokeratology and Keratoconus contact lens services are very successful. Using Zeiss, Nikon & Essilor quality lenses, High Fashion frames and sunglasses we excel in providing award winning choice. We provide Irlen and Cellfield specialist services for 3D, binocular problems, Amblyopia and reading problems.

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Our Lens suppliers and some lens designs


So just how complicated can lenses really be ?

Optics is complicated!

We are happy to help you understand but Optometrists & Dispensing Opticians train for years to understand and apply the technology in our huge product range.

Lens Designs

  1. Single Vision
    • Stock powers
    • Grind powers
  2. Bifocal
  3. Trifocal
  4. Progressive
    • Standard
    • Wave Front Aberration Control
    • Short or long design
  5. Occupational, Home and Office for use on computer
  6. Certified and Compliant Safety eyewear (Frames & lenses)
  7. Myopia Control
  8. Specialty Prescription Diving Masks, Swimming Goggles & Rifle scopes
  9. Hi Base Curve
  10. Yoked Prism corrections
  11. Iseikonic and Isophoric lens designs to lessen spatial distortion

Lens Materials

  1. Plastic  1.5, 1.53, 1.59, 1.60, 1.67, 1.7, 1.74
  2. Glass    1.5, 1.6, 1.7, 1.8, 1.9

Lens Tints & their suitability's

  1. Without focus power (Plano) and to Prescription
  2. Clear
  3. UV Protection
  4. UV Protection rating
  5. Fixed Tint
  6. Polarised Tint - Xperio
  7. Changing Tint - Photogrey Extra in Glass, Transitions in Plastic
  8. Changing Tint with Fixed Polarised Tint - Xperio Transitions, Drivewear
  9. Changing Tint with Variable Polarised Tint - Vantage
  10. Irlen Spectral Filters

Lens Coatings & their suitability's

  1. Hard Coated
  2. Extra Hard Coated
  3. Anti-Reflection
  4. Anti-Reflection with Easiclean
  5. Anti-Reflection with Easiclean and Anti-static
  6. Anti-Reflection with Easiclean and Anti-static and Anti-Fog
  7. Anti-Reflection with Easiclean and Anti-static and Anti-Fog and extra UV protection
  8. Front surface Mirror Coating

Lens Treatments

  1. Hardening
  2. Lamination
  3. Specialty edging / mounting