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OptiFog - simply the best antifog treatment

OptiFog™ represents a whole new era in lens technology that combines the superior scratch, glare and dust protection surface treatment of the lenses with an activator liquid to provide an anti-fog performance.

Only Essilor offers this option, it is not available from the bulk discounters nor the corporate pressure-sales spectacle makers.

This is Shattky's quality, you'll see the difference!


Introductory Offer!

To launch this new option,

Visique Shattky and Essilor in partnership


will upgrade all Shattky's patients with Crizal A2 lens coating  to OptiFog with Crizal A2 for FREE*


This great added-Value offer applies for the months of February and March 2012 only









OptiFog has wide appeal and we're sure many patients will enjoy the benefits of lasting fog-free vision during everyday life, or in specific activities from leisure and sport, to the workplace.

Wearers activate the anti-fog property on these lenses by simply applying a drop of the OptiFog™ activator to each side of the lenses once a week to enjoy fog-free vision. The lenses' anti-fog coating durably retains the OptiFog Activator, preventing fog from appearing for up to one week.


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*Please note: OptiFog is Ex Australia and not all products are available with Optifog Technology

                          Discuss with our Dispensing Opticians to see if your new lenses can be part of this offer.


Warranty;  OptiFog™ coatings applied to ‘specially worked' lenses and stock OptiFog™ lenses
                                                  are covered under warranty for 24 months from date of invoice.


Questions & Answers

Is Optifog only for hot and humid countries or cold countries?
No, lens wearers can experience fog on their lenses in all regions even in temperate climate. The frequency of fog may vary but it also depends on individual activities (at work, leisure, everyday life…).

Who should have the new Optifog lens?
Optifog can be used for anyone who encounters problems or frustration with fog, with any type of vision correction needs.

How do I use Optifog Activator?
Apply a drop of the concentrate on each side of your Optifog lenses and wipe gently with a soft cloth.

How often should I reactivate Optifog lenses with the Optifog Activator?
Different wearers tests and market tests have shown Optifog lenses keep their anti-fog performances up to one week in normal use conditions. One may have to reactivate the lenses earlier if they have been in contact with water.

What is the composition of Optifog Activator?
Water, Fluoroalkyl Alcohol Substituted Polyethylene Glycol, Isopropyl Alcohol, Dipropylene Glycol Methyl Ether.

Is Optifog Activator dangerous for one's eyes?
When applied on the lens, there is absolutely no danger. If a drop does come in contact with eyes, just rinse with water.

Is Optifog the first anti-fog lens?
Optifog is the first premium ophthalmic lens to bring a perfect and durable protection against fog, associated with maximum protection against other vision enemies such as scratches or glare.

What is Optifog system benefit vs antifog liquids?
Other systems are sold on the market but with less anti-fog efficiency and less everyday clarity of vision. Optifog also provides a more durable solution than its competitors: the anti-fog coating of Optifog durably retains the Optifog Activator for up to one week, under normal conditions.

Moreover anti-fog liquids sold on the market have very variable quality. Even the most efficient of them can bring only anti-fog properties on standard lenses from a couple of hours up to one day. And some fog can remain on the lens.

May I activate Optifog lenses with another anti-fog liquid?
Optifog maximum anti-fog efficiency depends on the perfect interaction between the lens and the Optifog Activator. The lens has been specifically designed to protect against fog. The Optifog Top Layer has been specifically developed to bring maximum efficiency with Optifog Activator. When other anti-fog liquid are used performances are much lower and can be disappointing for wearers.