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E-SPF ratings for lenses


Shattkys are serious about UV protection here in Sunny Hawkes Bay.

The dangers of Ultra-Violet radiation (UV) to the tissues of our eyes are well documented.

UV contributes to corneal damage & discomfort, Dry Eye Syndrome as well as Cataract and Macular Degeneration.

Hawkes Bay has one of the highest UV exposures in the World. The UV may strike your eyes in a direct line from the sun, but it can be reflected indirectly into your eyes, off the surface of water or even off the back surface of your spectacle lenses.

If you are not getting spectacles made to suit Hawkes Bay conditions, you may be risking your eyesight.

So how do you know you are well protected from UV ?

Eye-Sun Protection Factor    (E-SPF)

Our lens supplier, Essilor has announced a new Global standard;  Eye-Sun Protection Factor  (E-SPF)

This is a new international index certifying the overall UV protection provided by a lens.

It is an impartial objective rating system developed by Essilor. It can rate any lens for daily eyewear as well as for sunglasses. (The E-SPF excludes direct eye exposure from around the lenses)

Inspired by the cosmetic industry standard of UV protection, the E-SPF rating system follows a simple pattern:

The higher the E-SPF, the better the UV protection.

Thanks to this reference UV index, it is now possible for everyone to choose easily the best UV protection for their eyes and the sensitive skin around them.

How do you use E-SPF to make lens choices ?

The higher the E-SPF, the better the UV protection

E-SPF 25 means your eye is 25 times better protected than without any lens.

To give comparison of why Shattkys commitment to Essilor quality will protect you better, see this chart


Don't settle for less, get the right lenses for Hawkes bay conditions

Why E-SPF ?

Because not all lenses are equal in terms of UV protection

UV protection is not linked to the color of your lenses.

In fact, some transparent lenses can protect you even better than some sun lenses.

Whatever its tint, a lens' protection is a result of a combination of a material and a coating, which varies from one lens to another.

With the Eye-Sun Protection Factor, you can now compare the levels of UV protection provided by all kinds of eyewear, including clear, photochromic, and sun lenses (tinted or polarized).

Ask us for the right advice.

What E-SPF should I expect?

Up to 25 for clear spectacle lenses                  Up to 50+ for sunglass lenses


Why create a new UV protection index for eyewear?

The E-SPF index goes one step further than existing labels by integrating for the first time UV protection provided by both sides of a lens.

The commonly used “100% UVA/UVB” label does not provide full information on the overall UV protection of a lens.

Neither does it take into account the UV radiations reflected off the back of a lens, which can represent up to 50% of all UV received into the eye.


Ask Shattkys, we will give you the best advice about the Eye-Sun Protection Factor for your spectacles and sunglasses.



 Check the E-SPF values of these Essilor products that we often use:

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