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Visique Shattky Optometrists has been serving the people of Hawke's Bay with trusted expert eyecare and eyewear since 1906. We continue a proud history of family ownership with successive father & son teams Ernest & Derek Shattky, Neil & Phil Donaldson plus Mark & Tim Eagle. Using the very latest technologies and systems we specialise in Glaucoma tests, Retinal photography, Diabetic management, Therapeutic drugs, dietary supplements and Behavioural Optometry. We are ACC primary eyecare providers and CAA certificated examiners. Our speciality Orthokeratology and Keratoconus contact lens services are very successful. Using Zeiss, Nikon & Essilor quality lenses, High Fashion frames and sunglasses we excel in providing award winning choice. We provide Irlen and Cellfield specialist services for 3D, binocular problems, Amblyopia and reading problems.

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About our Soft Contact Lenses services

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What are '"Soft" Contact Lenses?


Very good prices on Contact Lenses

Very good designs of Contact Lenses


Our Soft Contact Lens fitting process

What are '"Soft" Contact Lenses?

The word "Soft" is used to describe only one characteristic, the floppiness, of the plastic material these lenses are made from. The "Soft" materials are Gel-plastics - they are as soft as jelly! They are however amazingly strong and do not rip or tear easily. The inside and the surface of these lenses however is more difficult to clean and prone to contamination and roughening, typically lasting only about a month - never more than a year before needing to be disposed of.

A separate issue is the "Gas Permeability" of the "Soft" material. The gases we are talking about are Carbon Dioxide and Oxygen - both are of critical importance to the healthy functioning of the cornea.
Ideally Carbon Dioxide molecules leaving the cornea would pass freely (permeate) through the contact lens and escape to the air:  Oxygen from the air would pass freely (permeate) in the opposite direction to bring fresh oxygen to the cornea - keeping it clear.

Being about 50% or more water "Softs" are just amazing for their 'water-loving' (Hydrophilic) and inherent high gas pemeability.

For more than 60 years however we have also used "Hard" / "Rigid" contact lenses of increasingly excellent Gas Permeability. Hence "Rigid Gas Permeable" (RGP) lenses. The surface of these lenses is easy to clean and not prone to contamination, typically lasting about 3 years - sometimes more, before being disposed of. Now that is great value for money!

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There has been massive technological improvement in the many characteristics of "Soft" lens material.
The early "soft" plastic material did not allow much gas to pass through at all, and because they were much thicker, (about 5 times thicker than modern lenses) they blocked the gases a great deal.

To assist with the Gas Permeability we now use Silicon-Hydrogel plastic material and this leap forward has greatly improved wetness, gas permeability while still being made lovely and thin. These lenses 'breathe" !


For "Soft" contacts the patient's care and attention to cleansing and sterilizing the lenses is CRITICAL.

As the lens surface deteriorates it usually develops dry spots and these rapidly affect your body's tolerance of the lens. If you don't do the right thing, your immune system will respond to the presence of the dry lens and your remaining years of contact lens success rapidly drop away.

For this reason there are have been many developments in the use of especially bio-compatible storage solutions, conditioning solutions and even the cases. We now use hi-tech contact lens cases that maintain antibacterial action using a micro-film of Silver! 

The cleaner the lens is, the longer it stays clean on the eye. The oils/grease/mucus in your tears will stick to any of the same on the lens surface.

The cleaner the lens is, the more its 'pores' allow gases to permeate. A smooth clean surface makes it difficult for greasy proteins or mucus from the tears to stick to the lens.

The result is increased oxygen to the cornea - so you get even better tolerance any many years of contact lens wear success.

As CRITICAL as cleaning the lens is, the better way to go is to throw it away and start with a fresh lens!


The concept of a "Soft Disposable" is not really valid, all contact lenses are "Disposable".

Both "Hard" and "Soft" lenses are 'Disposable", afterall, even your car is 'Disposable" !

A key advantage of the "Soft" material over the "Hard / RGP" material is it's ease of mass production. So much so that they could be made sufficiently cheaply to be economical enough to be thrown away fast enough to get rid of the surface contamination. They can truly be thrown away each night and a "fresh lens every day" gives great lifestyle and physiological advantage.

Ironically the mass production does bring problems such as Quality Control in a heavily robotic manufacturing process, the risk of lenses being damaged in transit ( cooking on an airport runway or in poorly controlled warehouse conditions). And of course with the internet there is a significant risk of counterfeit product - no small issue by any means.

Soft contact lenses are well proven and very successful. They cost more than RGP lenses but still give very good value for money. They give instant adaption and in the particular case of Daily Disposables are wonderfully convenient.

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Very good prices on Contact Lenses

Shattky's are commited to low prices on Contact Lenses.

We charge for our professional services as we see you, so keep the cost of your ongoing contact purchases as low as our bulk buying can achieve.

Our Prices are significantly lower than most optometrists, email us to ask for the specific price for your prescription.

Our Deals

  • We have in-house stocks of lenses - just pop in and grab them as you pass by
  • Visiques own VisionPlus+ contact lenses give the best value
  • We bundle together Contacts and their compatible solutions to give you great ecomomy
  • Contact Lens Loyalty Club on Solutions purchases
  • CIBA Cash-Back Vouchers save $50 off new Contact Fittings, $60 off a year's supply of Contacts.
  • Our patients must send in the voucher to redeem the cash back offer
  • Contact Lens replenish service; we'll text to remind you that you need more lenses
  • Contact Express Direct Debit on Lenses & Solutions delivered to your door
  • Government subsidy on costs for patients with Keratoconus and High prescriptions


Very good designs of Contact Lenses

for Shortsight, for Longsight, for Astigmatism and for Presbyopia

from all around the World, and made here in New Zealand

all of the best brands by the best manufacturers

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Our Soft Contact Lens fitting process

We take the time, We train you correctly, We get the successes

  • Comprehensive eye examination appointment (if you have not recently had one)
  • Corneal Topography to assess your suitability.
  • Soft Fitting appointment  (sometimes we have to obtain specialty trial lenses as well)
  • Training on Contact lenses insertion & removal and supply of first Contact lenses
  • Payment in Full or setup Direct Debit to us
  • Review the next fortnight
  • When comfort & clarity of vision achieved we go to 12 monthly follow-ups thereafter to keep you successful.

If this sounds appealing to you, click here to book the Comprehensive eye examination appointment now.

For Presbyopia

- the change with age in your ability to see clearly at near

Ciba Air Optix Aqua Multifocal - you will love the freedom from reading glasses

 Let us give you a FREE Trial when you come in for your next eye examination. You will be delighted by the immediate comfort.


Latest news on Cooper Vision Biofinity Multifocal lenses



Experience clear vision near, far, and everywhere in between!

This exciting new development gives a clear advantage over traditional bifocal contact lenses!

CooperVision's Biofinity Multifocal is a high-performance, monthly silicone hydrogel lens for people with presbyopia (the near blur of your near vision around the age of 45).


The Biofinity material is a well proven Silicon Hydrogel that provides high oxygen performance, keeping your eyes white and healthy. The material holds water within the lens making it naturally wet and it stays wet. It is very comfortably soft and is naturally resistant to the buildup of protein deposits on the lens surface.


  This material has now been released  as a Multifocal contact lens. It  uses Balanced Progressive Technology with two different optical designs – D and N – to deliver superior vision at all distances – near, intermediate and distance.

Only 1% of contact lens wearer are over 45.

Shattkys believe that a large number of the remaining 99% of people over 45 will get real benefit from even occasional contact lens wear.