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What is it?

A condition of the cornea ( the tough clear 'window' of the eye) in which the central portion thins and bulges forward like a little hump, in an irregular curve. The degree of change to the curve need only be minor to cause a lot of astigmatism which is seen as a lot of blur.
It typically occurs in younger people with allergies.


Where does the name come from?

Kerato-  means "like horn" and it describes the nature of some of the protein fibres that the cornea is made from; Keratin, Collagen and Elastin - (the materials that our hair and fingernails are also made of)

-conus means "like a cone" - think of the cornea as having an area of central extra curvature - like a little hill or a hump in the middle of a gently curved plain.


What are the symptoms?

Blurry vision in one or both eyes, dissatisfaction with spectacle vision


How do we find it?

Shattkys use a varitey of test, but the Corneal Topographer gives the best imaging of the corneal landscape.


Treatment options?

  • Stop rubbing the eyes - not an easy commitment to make when your eyes are itchy!
  • Spectacles - these can sometimes give good vision in the earlier stages
  • Rigid Gas Permeable contact lenses - these are comfortable and give very good vision in an instant. There is a NZ governemnt funded scheme to subsidize the cost of contact lenses - we will do the paperwork for you.
  • Piggy Back contact lenses - this is when we use a Soft contact lens on the eye, and then fit a RGP Contact lens on top of that! - it works well
  • Corneal Collagen Cross-Linking with Riboflavin - this technique strengthens the cornea and can stop keratoconus curves from worsening. With some patients it can achieve an even better outcome - it can flatten the central cornea back to more normal curvature.
    Using Riboflavin drops and Ultra-Violet light, this technique is safe, simple, highly effective and painless. Because it can reduce the risk of progression of the thinning of the cornea, it could in effect save your sight.
  • Intralase Intrastromal corneal ring implants ( Intacs, Kerarings, Ferrara rings) - these are an alternate option to contact lenses are especially good if severe allergies limit the success of contact lenses. It is a painless operation, the vision can take 3 months to stabilise.
  • Partial or Full thickness corneal transplant - the surgical option is warranted in about 10% of cases
  • Supplementary contact lenses after the graft has been done, to best enhance vision.

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