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Visique Shattky Optometrists has been serving the people of Hawke's Bay with trusted expert eyecare and eyewear since 1906. We continue a proud history of family ownership with successive father & son teams Ernest & Derek Shattky, Neil & Phil Donaldson plus Mark & Tim Eagle. Using the very latest technologies and systems we specialise in Glaucoma tests, Retinal photography, Diabetic management, Therapeutic drugs, dietary supplements and Behavioural Optometry. We are ACC primary eyecare providers and CAA certificated examiners. Our speciality Orthokeratology and Keratoconus contact lens services are very successful. Using Zeiss, Nikon, Essilor & HOYA quality lenses, High Fashion frames and sunglasses we excel in providing award winning choice. We provide Irlen and Cellfield specialist services for 3D, binocular problems, Amblyopia and reading problems.

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Judge's reports on Shattkys award winning performances



2011 HBS Bank

Hastings City Business Awards

Winner:        Visique Shattky On Russell Optometrists


Categories:   Best Small Business Award 

                     Best Retail Award


Hastings_City_Business_Awards _2011


Strengths of the Business:

  • Thorough marketing strategy with diversified initiatives covering key sales/ marketing channels, including social networking.  An Annual Marketing Plan that integrates customer key annual events, (e.g. school holidays), with marketing initiatives to optimize impact and ROI.
  • Regular customer channel analysis via customer surveys to validate marketing choices/investments.
  • Website under development, move towards online video to market services.
  • Competitor and economic analysis underpins marketing strategy and linkage to business performance indicators/success measures.
  • Focus on sustainability in response to economic downturn/recession. Increased focus on package deals to respond to customer requirements and price pressure. Cost-out focus on operating expense to maintain profit margin (decreased revenue).
  • Key product and service differentiation strategy and plans to position business as 'Ieading edge' includes Behavioural Optometry, and exclusive on Ortho K (night lenses that shape cornea).
  • Break-even Analysis behind every marketing campaign. Financial Forecast and Variance reporting to measure success of marketing.
  • Customer database captures feedback, trend analysis and data interrogation to identify changing customer requirements.
  • Recent price pressure as a result of economic downturn has required the business to demonstrate cost—choice / sensitivity and value to customers. Packaging services to pass on bundled value to customers. Cost-slider (choices menu) provides customers transparency of cost-drivers and impact of individual choice and cost of services.
  • Move to direct debit to increase revenue assurance and make customer experience hassle-free for monthly/regular payment terms.
  • Sales process comprehensive and documented as living record of operating process that the staff own and update regularly.
  • Focus on customer contact preferences; focus on making customer experience seamless.
  • Transparent performance indicators discussed openly and regularly.  KPIs aligned to recognition/reward scheme, which drives culture of shared accountability and focus on detail/business performance.
  • Focus on business performance has encouraged resilience and teamwork during tough times.
  • Skills transfer and coverage encouraged
  • Teamwork evident during product/service launches, e.g. Glaucoma screening.
  • Weekly check sheets to focus performance and manage issues promptly
  • Transparency of incentive scheme
  • Focus on sustaining profitability during economic downturn by maintaining revenue and decreasing operating costs (cost/source of products, staff/resourcing).
  • Management accounting software used to forecast, track and manage monthly budgets and costs.
  • Leading edge use of industry technology to allow service differentiation.
  • Customer database provides business intelligence to transform both strategic and operational decision.

Overall comments for feedback:

Shattkys perform exceptionally well within complex and concentrated business pressures. In a highly competitive and price sensitive industry they maintain presence and profitability by relentlessly focusing on customer requirements old and new (eg behavioural optometry vs. Glaucoma screening). Well-established management operating systems and procedures provide performance transparency and line of sight between staff productivity and bottom-line results. Staff recognition and reward is aligned and entwined with business performance. A passionate customer culture permeates the business operation in every respect.

Shattkys epitomizes NZ culture and innovation and should be regarded as a best practice; demonstrating leadership within the Hastings business community.


The Judges

Hastings City Business Awards 2011


2009 Westpac Hawke's Bay Chamber of Commerce Business Awards

Winner:        Visique Shattky On Russell Optometrists


Categories:   Best Small Business Award 

                     Best Retail Award

Judges:         Glenice Riley and Murray Cowan



The following comments are provided as feedback following the completion of the judging process for the Westpac Hawke's Bay Chamber of Commerce Business Awards 2009. These comments should not be read as conclusive and are intended to assist you to continue developing your business.

The judges do congratulate you on entering and urge you to enter again next time, while giving consideration to those issues that entering this year has highlighted to you. We believe that the insights gained by you and you colleagues in completing the entry document will have a positive impact on you business. Our comments below are a constructive attempt to enhance those benefits.

The Business Awards were strongly contested and the judges were constantly aware of the strict criteria governing the judging process.

In comparing the entrants, the judges were looking for finalists and winners who:

  • present a model that other businesses would look up to
  • are modern in their approach to business
  • show excellence in their business as it is today
  • show a potential for future growth and success
  • are profitable display excellence in planning
  • demonstrate the effectiveness of their management and administrative systems
  •  reflect an excellent attitude to staff and customers
  • recognise and adopt the values that at important to their business sector
  • demonstrate social and community consciousness
  • demonstrate that they live their vision and plans
  • ably communicate the success of their business.

The following comments are constructive commentary on your business based on the information in you entry and the subsequent interview(s).


Vision & Leadership

The role of the principal of any organization, regardless of its size, is critical to its success. Issues we considered important included:

  • Vision- the ability to see the broad picture and to translate that into a workable strategy
  • Team building qualities – success in business can rarely be achieved in isolation; leadership is about motivation, loyalty and shared skills
  • Industry awareness and participation in industry organizations – another key component of good leadership
  • An ability to impart enthusiasm is an integral quality of leadership.

Comment: Excellent and inspirational mission statements developed by the team – and practiced at staff meetings. Strong evidence of visionary leadership combined with a highly trained team. Strong desire to be the best in terms of eye care and eye wear, reflected in their large range and use of leading edge technology. Very high level of passion evident toward their business. Their vision is totally linked to management decision making.


Customer Focus

No business can succeed without customer numbers and customer loyalty. In judging your business the judges paid great attention to how you identify your customers, how you attract them, how you service them and how you follow up on any complaints. It is considered vital to your success that you know who your customers are and what they think about you and your business.

Comment: Very pro-actively managed customer base and extensive use of customer information in decision making. Very strong customer service orientation. This is particularly evident in the recent relocation of dispensing opticians in retail area. Value versus cost understanding well understood across the team. Customer complaints are well managed.



Marketing is key for continuity and growth of even the most successful businesses. The judges considered how marketing was carried out and how the effectiveness of the marketing was evaluated. Consideration was given to the currency of marketing plans.

Comment: Independent market research and competitor analysis has been utilised, and a marketing professional has been engaged to assist with marketing the business. A very structured approach is taken to monitor and measure the effectiveness of campaigns. The information available for formulating and analysing marketing in this business is impressive. A good mix of services is available to maintain a competitive market position. This business has recently changed and improved in preparation for the entry of an international franchise into the New Zealand market, demonstrating that it is aware of and responsive to changing market needs and very clear about their position in the Hawkes Bay optical market.


Quality & Systems

Commitment to quality makes a major contribution to excellence in business. Judges looked for compliance with quality standards appropriate to your business, an understanding of the quality requirements of your market and your methods of ensuring your business meets those standards.

An important factor was the ability of the business's team to identify those characteristics that make it different, its competitive advantage, and the steps it has taken to exploit that advantage. We looked for knowledge of your business sector, and for your focus on your competitive advantage

Comment: Very comprehensive living procedures manual system has been developed and is stored on a shared drive to allow management control and ease of updating. It is reviewed and updated regularly to improve quality and performance. It is accessible to all of the team via a simple shortcut on their desktop. This manual is also used to induct new team members. That means everyone in the business is on the same page, real time – a great achievement. Well done. The Targets are well understood by function and tracking systems are in place to monitor. This is a very professionally set up business.


People Management

Your relationship with the people on whom you are dependent is critical. It is reflected in your attitude to your business customers, your staff, your suppliers and your competitors. The judges put considerable weight on the comments of staff and other associates of entrant businesses. Many of the Service Provider entrants were motivated to a large degree by the wish to earn recognition for their volunteer workers. It is important for all businesses to have a similar realisation that the people that comprise their resource are critical component that deserve respect. The opportunities you provide for consultation were an important part of the appraisal process.

Attention was paid not only to the way in which people were recognized in your organization, but also in the opportunities provided for training, career advancement, skill development and recognition of achievement.

Comment: Team members clearly understand what is expected of them. There are four key focus areas which are used to determine performance outcomes, with bonuses payable to team members who meet or exceed targets. The reward structure reflects the business values and is structured differently for individuals. Career pathways have been determined and tertiary training is encouraged for team members, demonstrating a commitment to training, motivation and development of team members. Annual staff appraisals are conducted. Staff turnover is low.


Innovation and Knowledge

Operational efficiency is becoming more and more dependant on technological innovation to drive daily operating systems. Inherent in this is access to and use of information technology as a business management and marketing tool. The judges assessed how innovative your business is in terms of taking up new technology to optimise your performance. Computerisation, internet usage, and up to date access to new accounting information are all considered essential parts of an efficient operating system. The judges also looked for innovation in management systems, and in the products and services that you provide to the marketplace.

Keeping up to date with developments in your industry is one key to business excellence. The judges looked at the ways in which you capture new knowledge, how you use it in your business and how you protect the knowledge that give you your competitive edge.

Comment: New ideas, systems, procedures and technology are constantly being developed to enhance business performance. Significant evidence of investment in high-end technology in eye care professional services, a wide stock range of eyewear and a new retail re-fit to provide competitive advantage. An annual review of competencies is conducted. Restraint of trade provisions are incorporated into employment agreements to protect business interests. Innovation is a significant focus area for the business. This is a business that is constantly thinking ahead, and thinking outside the box to keep ahead of competition and enable the business to seize new opportunities.



Formal strategic and business planning is essential to optimise your business. While all business owners ''think about'' their business daily and most have a plan "in their heads", the discipline of writing a business plan forces consideration of all the elements of the business.

Consideration was given to the quality of your planning process and how well that was reflected in your daily business management.

Comment: This business has a comprehensive strategic planning process, and constantly monitors implementation of that plan. There is a detailed plan for every area in the business covering each 90 day period. Directors attend off-site planning days. Team meetings are held monthly as a forum to review overall performance and share business direction. A business coach is also used to assist the directors in developing and implementing strategic development plans. Directors are also involved in planning within the Visique franchise group.


Business Performance

Understanding how your business is performing and the areas of measurement is a key consideration when looking for business excellence. Not only understanding but also the strategies linked to the results were taken into consideration.

Comment: This is a very commercially successful business achieving good year on year growth. Demand for services is very high with a 94% average appointment rate. It rates in the top 3 nationwide in Visique franchise group benchmarks.


Community and Industry Contribution

A business cannot survive in a vacuum. It has to be in tune with its community and its physical environment. The judges looked at the way in which your business deals with its impacts on the physical environment.

The judges considered your community involvement, the contributions the business makes to voluntary social or sporting organisations, and the way in which you encourage your staff to undertake voluntary work.

Comment: Visique Shattky has run free kids vision screening programmes for 650 kids, also offer free glaucoma tests. Phil is a Board Member on the Life Education Trust and there was evidence of various other industry and community involvement. Various events are supported and sponsored.


Operational and Financial Performance

To have a plan is one thing, implementing it is another. The judges considered the effectiveness of your management, given the size and nature of your business. The implementation of your plan is governed by your flexibility, how well you know your business and the depth of thought that goes into enacting ways to do better.

The judges were not given details of your financial accounts. Comments are based on our assessment in discussion with you of any information made available to us from you.

Comment: This is a very focussed, systemised and professionally run business operation that delivers strong commercial results. There was evidence of an unrelenting focus to continually improvement.


Unique Aspects of your Business

The judges were conscious of those unique aspects of your business which were not highlighted in the entry document, but which are an integral part of your success.

The presentation to the judging panel by the finalists varied greatly in style, content, relevance and quality. Entering the Westpac Hawke's Bay Chamber of Commerce Business Awards brings substantial benefits to an organisation. Becoming a finalist is a substantial achievement. From there, it is still a big step to becoming a category winner. The presentations made by the finalists to the full panel of judges have a significant influence on their prospects of the future success in the awards. This needs to be appreciated by future entrants.

Comments: Visique Shattky took out the Best Small Business Award and Best Retail Award, and was a deserving recipient. We were most impressed with every aspect of this business operation.

Yours sincerely

Murray Cowan and  Glenice Riley

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